E-Commerce Malaysia was established on 21 July 2016 with the sole purpose of expanding PIKOM’s involvement in the e-commerce industry. The purpose is also in line with its main objective of creating a vibrant e-commerce ecosystem in Malaysia that is globally competitive.

This new initiative aims to bring the Malaysian e-commerce industry to global standards by bringing all end-to-end parties working together under one virtual roof: e-marketplaces such as online retailers and merchants, providers of payment gateways, logistics, and fulfilment, industry players, financial institutions as well as telecommunication and infrastructure service providers.

Objectives of e-Commerce Malaysia as below;

  1. Represent voice of the e-Commerce merchants in Malaysia.
  2. Promote Malaysian e-Commerce players through regional and global initiatives.
  3. Bring the various players in the e-Commerce ecosystem together to collaborate and cooperate for mutual benefit.
  4. Be the point of contact with the government on e-Commerce related matters.
  5. Increase the awareness on the ease of online shopping.

For further enquiries, email us at justin@pikom.org.my