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This is the 3rd edition  of The Curve to Flatten Talk Series titled “Managing Business in Crisis” brought to you by OM, PIKOM & CCAM. Another exciting thought leadership session bringing you the leaders of the industry right to your screen.

Many businesses are currently facing serious crisis as a result of the lockdowns and travel restrictions. While many CEOs are well equipped to deal with business in good times, some have very little experience in dealing with serious business crisis. If these CEOs google the topic “Managing business in crisis”, they will find lengthy and insightful articles which describe the key principles and frameworks on how to manage business in crisis. No one disagrees with these universally accepted principles and frameworks – in many ways, they are all motherhood statements. But the key question is “how do we implement these principles and put frameworks into practice?” They need practical “hand-rails” to help them. At PEMANDU Associates, based on our business turnaround experience, we have developed a fit-for-all, step-by-step approach to help you manage your crisis.

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