This year’s #MYCYBERSALE 2019 promises to be different with Taiwan joining in this year’s event, and prizes galore such as two Proton cars and RM50, 000 cash vouchers to be won!

When #MYCYBERSALE started six years ago, no one foresaw that one day it would go on to be Malaysia’s largest online sale. Every year the revenue generated via #MYCYBERSALE has been going up. This year it is expected to bring in RM500 million during the one week sales.

The media event organised to announce #MYCYBERSALE 2019 was graced by the presence of Ganesh Kumar Bangah, Chairman of PIKOM, David Hsu, Director, Economic Division, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia, Peter Schiesser, Group Chief Executive Officer of PayNet, the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) Director of eCommerce, Song Hock Soon, and attended by over 250 eCommerce merchants and industry partners. The guest of honour was YB Eddin Syazlee Shith, the Deputy Minister of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia, who also launched the FPX #MYCYBERSALE 2019.

In his opening remarks, Ganesh Kumar stated that the online shopping festival this year was extra special as it was the first time it was fully private-sector funded. “It took us six years to reach this far, making this an industry-led event as has been the original intent from the very beginning.”

From left: Director of e-Commerce MDEC Song Hock Soon, PayNet CEO Peter Schiesser, Deputy Minister of Communications & Multimedia Malaysia, YB Eddin Syazlee Shith, PIKOM Chairman Ganesh Kumar Bangah and Director, Economic Division, Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in Malaysia, David Hsu.


Thanks to PIKOM’s strength in international relations, this year’s online shopping event sees for the first time, the participation of Taiwan’s Commerce Development Research Institute (CDRI). David Hsu hailed this co-operation between Taiwan and Malaysia as a “model for future expansion” and “also the foundation of creating a regional online shopping festival among ASEAN countries”.

Peter Schiesser, speaking on behalf of FPX, said that the organisation was extremely privileged to collaborate with PIKOM as the Title Partner. “FPX is one of the most popular models of online payment in Malaysia with more than 15 million transactions monthly,” he said.


Despite the rapid growth of eCommerce in the country, the full potential of it has not been fully realised, said Song Hock Soon. The GDP contribution of domestic eCommerce sub-sector is still small compared to the China and the United States. But the good news, he said, was that the online retail sale in Malaysia is expected to grow at a rate of 23% per year till 2021.

Deputy Minister YB Eddin Syazlee Shith said that e-Commerce is one of the main drivers of digital economy in Malaysia and the world. “Online sales platform like #MYCYBERSALE 2019 will help increase the country’s export. With participation from Taiwan and ASEAN countries, #MYCYBERSALE has the potential to become one of the largest online sales events.”

FPX #MYCYBERSALE ASIA 2019 at a Glance:

  • Held from midnight 27th September till 3rd October 2019.
  • This year’s event sees FPX as the Title Partner. FPX is operated by PayNet, Malaysia’s premier online payment used by more than 21,000 merchants.
  • #MYCYBERSALE 2019 for the first sees the co-operation of the online shopping festival between Taiwan and Malaysia.
  • The inclusion of FPX and Taiwan in this year’s online sale has resulted in this year’s event being called FPX #MYCYBERSALE ASIA 2019.
  • This online shopping co-operation with Malaysia will see more than 60 Taiwanese merchants representing 2,000 brands offering unique products during the sale.
  • Categories of items being sold include electronics, fashion, children’s apparel, travel, health and beauty, home and living, food and beverage, wellness services, home appliances and sporting equipment.
  • 1500 Malaysian and Taiwanese merchants have registered for this year’s online shopping festival.
  • This year’s online sales festival is expected to reach RM500 million in Gross Merchandise Value (GMV).
  • Export revenue to grow to RM80 million.
  • Prizes to be won include two units of Proton X70 and RM50,000 cash vouchers to be won with online purchase of at least RM5 payment via FPX. The total amount of prizes including the cars and cash vouchers is RM270, 000!
  • Other partners for this event include Pinnacle Partners, Commerce Asia and Fusionex. Premier Partners are CJ Century, Unifi; Gold Partner is Malaysian Productivity Council (MPC) and CDRI.

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