The PIKOM Cybersecurity Chapter’s big event of the year is the Cybersecurity Conference, the first conference of its kind in Malaysia.

Alex Liew, the Chair of the PIKOM Cybersecurity Chapter and his team wanted to create activities that are impactful for their members. They have come up with a range of programmes that will see the Chapter being very busy the whole year. Cybersecurity is one of the highlights of the programme, which will be held in June this year.


The idea for this conference came about when the members in the Chapter realised that they were all providers to the cyber industry, whether as technology providers, service providers, system integrators, managed security services etc.

“We realised that as a group we have a lot to offer to the industry,” says Alex. “We wanted to share our knowledge and bring it to the attention of the users. There are a lot of solutions, industry best practices, a lot of hidden secrets within the community which we would like to bring to the attention of the users be it at the C-level, the CEOs, CIOs, CICOs etc.”

“As providers we want to give the latest information to the users so that they know what the leading technologies are, what are the best practices, the latest governance in cybersecurity and methodology,” explains Alex. “Since we have the knowledge and the tools, we wanted our members to be able to showcase their products and services to the users. From the user’s perspective, they can take a look at what the market is offering. Through the interaction between the providers and users, there is also a better understanding from the providers’ part on what the users really need.”


But the Chapter didn’t just want this to be an exhibition that only focused on generating sales. “We want to address the national agenda on cybersecurity and other issues that affect the cybersecurity industry,” adds Alex. Thus, the idea for the first ever local Cybersecurity Conference was born.

The conference is going to be a public and private collaboration, says Alex. The PIKOM Cybersecurity Chapter will be the main organiser of this conference. Talks are going on with the relevant Government agencies on how to collaborate on this conference and on how to make the conference really meaningful in the ongoing debate on strengthening the nation’s cybersecurity in the public and private sector.

Arrangements are also being made to bring in well-known experts in the cybersecurity sector to deliver keynote addresses and speeches. “Something like this has never been done in Malaysia before where all the vested parties come together to talk about cybersecurity,” says Alex.


The main focus of the conference will be on Malaysia and its cybersecurity concerns. Alex reiterates that this event should not be missed by Malaysian cybersecurity providers. “It’s a conference done by Malaysians for Malaysia. Companies, especially owners and senior management of SMEs should attend this because it is an excellent opportunity for them to know what are the solutions our members have to offer in terms of cybersecurity.”

There is a solution for every budget and SMEs especially have to take issues pertaining cybersecurity seriously as the country moves closer to Industry 4.0 where everything will be digitized.

The conference hopes to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity and the national agenda on cybersecurity. This conference gives an opportunity for the Government agencies, the providers and users to have meaningful dialogue on what the national agenda for cybersecurity should look like.

“The conference also offers a great opportunity for networking between providers and users such as CIOs, CEOs etc to share thoughts and exchange meaningful ideas. We call all Malaysian cybersecurity players to join in this event because it’s a great opportunity to showcase your products and services to an audience that might be a potential customer one day. As for the users, all the best cybersecurity players will be here under one roof. It’s a great way for them to see what is available in the country for cybersecurity and to gain valuable knowledge about how and why it’s important to protect the company’s data,” says Alex.

Alex hopes the inaugural conference will be the start of what will be a yearly event which will eventually grow to become the premier national showcase for cybersecurity. “Don’t miss this event,” says Alex.

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